Dargah - Makhdoom Shaeikh Ahmad Abdul Haque
Makhdoom Shaeikh Ahmad Abdul Haque Tosha Rudaulvi
Imambara Rudauli
Inside view of Imambara Rudauli
Khanqah Htz Shaikhul Aalam
Bada Rauza

Welcome to HAQ Foundation

Sufis Makhdoom Shaeikh Ahmad Abdul Haque Tosha Rudaulvi
Rudauli is the seat of famous Sufi saint Makhdoom Ahmad Abdul Huque Rudaulvi ( the main janasheen of Hazrat Shaikh Ahmad Abdul Haque is Shah Shams Tabrez Ahmad Farooqui Urf Shammoo Miyan Rudaulvi. Who is one of the pillars of Sabriya silsila. Sufi poet Abdul Quddus Gangohi was also born in Rudauli. Sheikh Safi, grand father of Abdul Quddus Gangohi and Sufi Syed Mohammed Saleh encestor of syeds of mohalla sufiana is also buried in Rudauli.

HAQ Foundation
 is a social and cultural Non Governmental and non profit making organization working for more than last 3 years to improve the quality of society and life of children.

We believe it is important to focus on enrolling & keeping children in primary/secondary school, building awareness, achievement orientation for wider options in later life. The larger the population that perseveres through school, the bigger will be the talent pool of meritorious candidates competing for professional/vocational opportunities. EHLT will provide all assistance needed to achieve this objective. 

Women in India have always faced the discrimination in many spheres of their lives, health being one of the prominent one. HAQ Foundation in support with Proctor & Gamble has initiated a programme that aims at ensuring improved health seeking behavior for women with a focus on reproductive health and menstrual hygiene through training and other information, education and communication (IEC) tools.

HAQ Foundation constantly strives to support and empower individuals, particularly underprivileged children enabling them to meet basic ambitions of their life and realize their potential, make informed choices, resist oppression, fight for rightful existence and facilitate new possibilities and opportunities for them. The Foundation takes up individual cases based on their immediate needs.

These individuals are then given educational support, in individual capacity, who are at risk of discontinuing their studies due to impoverished circumstances and have exhibited outstanding academic record. Individuals suffering from any critical diseases are provided support for their health; specific cases are also taken for rehabilitation wherein they are given educational support, vocational training, entrepreneurship training and counseling.

Our main areas of working are as follows